Zichen Chen

zichen_chen [at] ucsb.edu


Hi! I am a third-year PhD student in CS Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am interested in Explainable AI, Trustworthy AI, Human-centered AI, and Federated Learning. Prof. Misha Sra is my fantastic advisor.

I’m honored to have received the Innovation Award from AAAI. I was also a recipient of the UCSB CS Summer Fellowship, IJCAI Travel Award, AAAI Student Scholarship and UCSB CS Academic Excellence Fellowship. Beyond academia, I am a co-founder of DAOlivia, a female club in the bay area that supports female communities and female-founded brands.

I was a research associate at Joint NTU-WeBank Research Centre on Fintech, Singapore before. I was so lucky to work with Prof. Tan Ah-Hwee, Prof. Sinno Jialin Pan, and Prof. Han Yu. My previous research inlcudes reinforcement learning, recommender system, and transfer learning.