Zichen Chen

zichen_chen [at] ucsb.edu


Hi! I am a second-year PhD student in CS Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am interested in machine learning, human-centered AI and federated learning. Prof. Misha Montoya Sra is my fantastic advisor.

I was a research associate at Joint NTU-WeBank Research Centre on Fintech, Singapore before. I was so lucky to work with Prof. Tan Ah-Hwee, Prof. Sinno Jialin Pan, and Prof. Han Yu. My previous research inlcudes reinforcement learning, recommender system, and transfer learning.


Oct 1, 2022 We won the Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Award of AAAI. :trophy:
Oct 1, 2022 Our paper has been accepted to IAAI 2023! :tada:
Jun 13, 2022 I am starting my internship as an applied scientist at Amazon Alex ER (Entity Resolution) team.